The Sorcerer's Apprentice' fizzles
The Nicolas Cage adventure film is Disney's second disappointment of the summer
U2 is world's top earning band: survey
Irish rockers U2, who netted $130 million from their massive world tour and other deals, are the world's top-earning musicians, according to The group made $10 million in ticket sales on each tour stop and, along with merchandising revenue, hit the top of the list ahead of Australian heavy metal group AC/DC, who earned $114 million from their worldwide tour. R&B singer Beyonce Knowles came in third with $87 million, three spots above her husband, rapper Jay-Z.
Ten Stress Busters That Make You Look Better
Anxiety can be a useful motivator when it comes to getting your work done or calling your mom, but too much anxiety is associated with more health problems than we can count. That’s because, among other things, stress can inhibit immune function. And your health and your looks are inextricably linked.
Alzheimer's as seen by a patient... who is also a doctor
A retired physician and an emeritus professor of medicine at UCLA shares his insights and even tips for coping with this difficult and growing problem.
Vaccine-delivery patch with dissolving microneedles
A new vaccine-delivery patch based on hundreds of microscopic needles that dissolve into the skin could allow persons without medical training to painlessly administer vaccines - while providing improved immunization against diseases such as influenza.
Droid X vs. BlackBerry vs. iPhone 4
Deciding to buy a smart phone is the easy part. With dozens of models on the market — add one more after Motorola's Droid X went on sale Thursday — picking your perfect phone requires hours of research on countless details. But if you prioritize your favorite features, the decision-making process may be less painful.
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