In recent years, with the continuous increase of the number of buildings in the construction field, the energy consumption and emissions of buildings have increased sharply, bringing unbearable pressure to the environment. Are growing as a result, developing green building materials, virtually promoted the rise of ready-mixed mortar, through accurate measurement, large-scale automatic production, high mixing uniformity, raw materials, strict screening, monitoring, quality is reliable and stable, brought quality for construction quality.

With the development of green building materials and the pursuit of technological innovation as the concept, more and more investors have set their eyes on the field of premixed mortar, and built a production line of environment-friendly mortar to produce new environment-friendly building materials. Ready-mixed mortar, on the other hand, the performance depends largely on the nature of the fine aggregate, in order to reach the performance requirements of the aggregate, zhengzhou golden GF series high efficiency sand making machine effective breakthrough key technology used 2.5 mm below the fine sand mortar standing, with low investment cost, system sand effect is good, the advantage of ultrafine powder, low become mortar as special sand production equipment.

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